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are you Qik enough?

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so i am just re-posting a blog post from a blog i frequent, iPhone Therefore iBlog. I found this blog the day Apple dropped the iPhone 3G, Mobile Me, and massive update for the 1st Gen iPhones. I am not one for just using someone else's posts but i liked it a lot and couldn't find other information on the program itself. if you have an iPhone I think you'll like it. Drop a line and let me know what you think.

Qik, streaming video and the iPhone's future

Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 -- 11 a.m. -- on my couch

Seems these days that if Digg founder Kevin Rose sneezes, someone blogs about it. He's had some interesting inside tips lately and actually led me to this post.

First off, if you haven't seen it already, you should check out this YouTube video. Kevin has a demonstration of a not-yet-released app for the iPhone from Qik, which does streaming video. This app, IF approved, will allow for something you've been asking for since day 1 and that's live streaming video on the iPhone with integrated instant chat.

Up until now, as Kevin points out and we all know, to have this kind of functionality you've needed either a Nokia phone or a jailbroken phone. And while folks who have had their phones jailbroken will be quick to point out that this news really isn't news, it's huge for those of us with stock iPhones. Live chat that utilizes GPS is about as cool as it gets.

According to Kevin, Qik has submitted the app to Apple and is waiting for Apple's response. And that leads me to why I'm really writing this post.

Up until now, Apple has made it pretty clear that the camera is off limits. There are apps to do all kinds of things to the photos you have taken, but nothing to interacts with the physical camera in any way. Obviously, what Qik is doing requires that, so whether or not Apple will allow it is anyone's guess.

But considering that Apple recently saw the light of day where horizontal e-mail composition is concerned, it leads me to believe that Apple is softening its stance a little bit. Not a lot, a little bit. Apple is still very selfish when it comes to what gets in the App Store and what doesn't -- some (me) might even say it's an unhealthy brand of selfish that detracts from the iPhone experience and denies users the chance to use their iPhone at its full capacity.

Of course, if Apple is planning some sort of mega app that integrates iChat and video streaming, which is should have had on the iPhone the day it came out in 2007, then that's different. But considering BeeJiveIM and AIM are in the App Store living in harmony, I'm pretty sure Apple realizes that it can turn its attention to other ventures and leave that kind of stuff to other companies. That doesn't mean Apple won't come back and steal the thunder and come out with an app of its own someday anyhow -- it's done that before -- but this is about now.

I used to the kind of person that only used Apple software. I was weird in that way. I thought ... well, I can't use Lightroom because there's Aperture. And I can't possibly use Firefox when Safari is in my dock. And how can I use Microsoft Word when there's Pages? Of course, I'd do a lot to avoid using Microsoft software, but at the end of the day, you can't compare Word to Pages. You can try and Apple wants you to try, but it just doesn't work.

The iPhone is such a different beast. On the iPhone, we're talking about thousands and tens of thousands of developers that are bringing their own brand of fun and productivity to the world's greatest gadget. Of course, each of those developers is at the mercy of Apple's sometimes incoherent approval process, but I applaud them for doing what they do. Even if we don't like an app, each app shows the passion that goes into doing this -- a passion that I have but lack the technical skills to pull off.

So that said, I have to hope and believe that Apple is going to let Qik into the store. First off, if you look at the video, you'll see just how fabulous it is. Second, Apple knows its competition. Apple knows Nokia and BlackBerry can record video. And it knows that Android phones will almost certainly do the same sooner rather than later. Like I said before, if Apple is in the final stages of working on something, then fine. But if Apple has no plans to extend the functionality of the iPhone to things it can easily do - like video capture - then it needs to step aside and allow someone who can bring us that functionality.

And yes ... you can jailbreak your phone. If you do, all this is pretty much moot. And I've softened my stance when it comes to jailbreaking. But this is about the bigger picture. This is about the people who don't want to jailbreak to have the things they have a right to have. This is about Apple letting go of its crazy rules and realizing that adding functionality -- especially when reputable companies with proven track records do it -- is a win-win for the community and the company. An iPhone that does video, in my mind, is a bigger seller than an iPhone that doesn't.

While I don't want to have to use 5 apps to have voice chat, video chat, live chat and all the other kinds of chat ... if developers see Apple opening its eyes and its arms to new and innovative ideas, they will create and we will be the beneficiaries. If Apple continues with this ridiculous approval process, developers are going to go elsewhere because they are going to think it's a waste of their time.

And with new competition like Android out there, Apple can't afford to alienate a single developer. Somewhere out there is the next huge thing ... the next MySpace, the next Facebook or Twitter ... and Apple can't afford to let that end up in someone else's hands first.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for calling.

i cannot help but wonder what has happened in the universe of sports this year. Anyone else noticing the crazy stuff going on? Last night just topped it off. I was just as shocked as anyone else hearing (cause i rarely watch the regular season) that the #1 team in baseball this year was the Tampa Bay Rays. Where did these guys come from? They were the bottom of the pile last year and now all of the sudden they are going to the world series with a legitimate shot at winning it all? And that is just the cherry on top of an already large surprise cake. The Dallas Cowboys who have been picked by many people to win the superbowl prior to them losing 3 out of the last 4 games; Last season the New Orlean Hornets having the best record in the NBA; The Yankees not making the playoffs; The Patriots losing (which, honestly i am happy about. not necessarily Brady's injury; although i don't like him at all i never wish bad things on people); I am even sure i could come up with something about hockey even though i hate hockey.

So all that said, what is going on? Anyone have any clues? I sure don't!!
To contradict Rob Bell.....the gods MUST be angry!!

I am not sure i knew exactly what i signed on for when i decided to do a Top Ten list for Friday's on icameinthird. Today's topic is the Top Ten All Time Best Cartoons. I have to admit this was much harder than I thought it would be. Also, you must realize that the top ones that I picked had to do with their popularity and length running. These are the ALL-TIME Best cartoon and by no means listed as my personal favorites.

10) Fraggle Rock

Now I realize this show and the #9 picj are not technically cartoons but they are hallmarks of childhood for a generation, however, because of their lack of animation I did go ahead and default them to the bottom of the Top Ten List....

9) The Muppet Show

The Muppet Show makes it for many reasons from Kermit & Piggy to Animal and my favorties Statler & Waldorf. But I think it was really a Saturday Night Live for Kids in the affect of guest hosts and skits. I am thinking that secretly this was created by Lorne Michals too so kids were used to this as they grew into watching SNL....

8) Carebears

So basically this is the default #8 because it is anumated (hence placing it higher than The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock on that merit ALONE. Plus Title IX requires me to a 'female friendly' cartoon......
(i do have to confess that i used to watch the carebears and actually even had a funshine bear. Does that make me gay? However, I was a much bigger fan of the Carebear Cousins and really liked Brave Heart (Lion), Swift Heart (Rabbit), and mostly Playful Heart (monkey). that said, i guess this is a coming out of the closet blog post.)

7) Garfield

Garfield was really more of a staple in my house in the Sunday paper but they did have a very successful Saturday morning cartoon for a few years. It was good, as a kid, to actually have a particular voice to put with the words i would read in the paper. Anyone else find it creepy that Jon could always understand what Garfield was saying even though his mouth never moved?

6) Yogi Bear

"Hey Hey BOO BOO!!!" really just reminds me of a creepy uncle i used to have who would hide behind a door on Halloween and try to scare us. I am not sure if he ever realized that was used by Yogi as more of a 'hello, how you doin' type of conversation rather that a 'try to make you pee your pants' thing. Personally, i blame this cartoon for the childhood obesity rate since the damn bear never gained any weight!! They should have been preparing all of us for the marriage weight we would some day have to deal with. (but then again, i heard that started making Cookie Monster eat healthy snacks and less cookies and i called him a wus!)

5) The Jetsons

I don't think I'll get much flack for this one being at #5 but honestly, i never watched it.

4) The Flintstones

Now, i always liked Dino the best and Bam Bam but could have really done w/o Rosie O'Donnell ruining my childhood memories.

3) Scooby Doo

Speaking of ruining your childhood memories. Scooby Doo is the epitome of the wrong show for kids to watch but watch we did!! and loved it too! Anyone else ever notice how when Scooby and Shaggy got out of the mystery machine smoke would billow out after them; they ALWAYS had the munchies; Velma, as I am sure you know, is a lesbian; and why was it that Fred and Daphne would always go off somewhere for half the show and then show back up with some part of their clothing in a different position than when they left *wink, wink*. But that aside, GREAT cartoon that was good clean family fun!

2) The Smurfs

I really struggled with this one being #2, instead of #1, but in the end i had to concede the point because of the complete domination of the #1 pick in the cartoon industry for decades. The Smurfs were a great show though and if you can find the SNL skit with Garth Brooks from 1999, again, you'll be disturbed.

1) Looney Toons

As I stated above Looney Toons wins the #1 spot for it's ability to stay soo popular for soo long and with so many signature characters, top of which is Bugs Bunny.

In My research for all of this I came across several of my old favorites that I had all but forgot about form my childhood. If i get a chance to post tomorrow I will add give you a list of those with some intros. If you want to get a head start on comments for tomorrow go check out RetroJunk.com and see what sparks your memory from your childhood!!

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A day late....

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Eminem just announced yesterday that the title to his upcoming album will be "Relapse". I have to be honest when I first heard of Eminem I was appalled. Awful lyrics, horrible messages, berating women, drug use, and sex with anyone who'll drop their pants for you. (Kind of reminds me of when I used to listen to Too Short on the bus to out of town basketball games) Since my first experience with him, however, my views have changed somewhat. I still can't say that I agree with all of his lyrics by any means but I can say that I do respect him a lot more now. Not that we've hung out or done time together or anything but just saying that a couple of his songs have really hit to the heart of matters. (that and I am a lot less judgmental of profanity than i was taught growing up) The only other thing that i wanted to throw out there today (today being Friday, not Thursday when i should have posted this), is the evolution of the rap star. I believe that i can fairly say that I have grown up in the hip hop era. I have seen the rap stars change from people like Tone Loc, LL Cool J (when he was FIRST cool), Snoop Doggy Dog (not to be confused with Snoop Dog), Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy (the first time he was Puff Daddy pre-Diddy) and many many others that I could name. Now we could go on all day about the relevance to these specific artists but lets save that debate for later. By Eevolution I just mean that when rap first became popular it was taboo mostly. The rappers said and did things that the main stream public thought was repulsive. Since that time, however, both the rap society and main stream public have shifted to a more middle ground. The public have been more open to the rappers constant profanity, diamond crusted teeth, and constant drug use/references. And rappers, have embraced toning some things down a little in order to cash in on movies and merchandise that was previously unavailable to them because of their 'fringe' of society status. Drop a comment and let me know what you thoughts are.....

I am not even sure where I heard about this movie (probably on some scratchy AM radio station i listen to) but it is sure to be the center of many discussions so i figured why not start it here. The name of the movie is "Religilous" which is a cross between the words 'Religious' and 'Ridiculous' and is a movie by Bill Maher who is an American stand-up comedian, television host, political commentator, actor, and author. He hosted the late-night television talk show Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central and ABC, and is currently the host of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Added to all of that He is a staunch atheist who thinks that anyone who believes in God is insane (literally). So below is the trailer for the movie, watch it and let me know what you think....

Well it just seems a little providential that on the first ever Technology Tuesday at i came in third, just so happens to coincide with the release of Apple's brand new Mac Book Pro. If you know me at all you know that I am an apple junkie. Everything from my iPhone to my Mac Book Pro to their latest software. I love everything that apple does. But it hasn't always been like this. Ask me 3 years ago what I thought about apple and I would have told you "whatever". I didn't really care for apple. Not at all. I didn't hate them but i hadn't really had an experience with them to know much about them. Then a couple of years ago a friend came to me and said he was doing one of those 'get something free' ads from the internet. You know the ones that say 'click here for your free PS3'. So you click it and it ends up being a never ending survey wanting you to buy crap you don't want or need. Well I thought my friend Ken was an idiot. He wanted me to do it with him but i told him IF he got his Mac Book Pro, I would do it too. Well about 3 mths later Ken walks into my office and pulls a brand new Mac Book Pro out of this bag!! I was floored. Needless to say I had to get one too. Again, not that I wanted a Mac Book but it sure would be nice to have another laptop for free!! I would not recommend any do these ads unless you know exactly what you're looking for or have someone to walk you though your first one because there are so many ways to get tripped up and get screwed out of a lot of money. So now I am a proud owner of a Mac Book Pro. And that is where my addiction started. Now I believe that Apple is the premiere hardware/software developer in the world. I am continually amazed at the ease of use of their products and the creativity they constantly bring to every new project they release. Since i received my mac book pro, i have become a true believer in the Apple movement. Now, there is a learning curve that most people do not want to take when learning how to use a Mac when all they've known is a Windows running PC. But, like anything else in life, i believe that anything worth knowing is worth learning. So today Apple released their new macbook pro! I haven't had a lot of time to look over the specs on the thing but I did download the video apple posted on its site, check it out it is really cool!

Last week I started this blog with the intention of having a different topic everyday. I poured over the suggestions and settled on the ones below..and they are.....:

Mondays - Sports
Tuesdays - Technology
Wednesdays - Religion
Thursdays - Music
Fridays - Top 5/10 List

So this being Monday.....i figured i would have to post about the silver and blue, america's team....the dallas cowboys. i have been a life long cowboys fan due my favorite beanbag chair when i was a kid. So, the 90's were a great ride but from then on it's been a rough ride. I guess you have to be a cowboy as well just to cheer for them because over the last several years we've had to dig our heel in and hang on tight.

To be honest, i didn't want to blog about the cowboys today but in watching some ESPN this morning i heard something I didn't know about the ridiculousness that was yesterday's game between the dallas cowboys and the arizona cardinals. after all the turnovers & hoopla that occurred in the game some actual history was made. Listening to Chris Berman (whom i cannot stand) he alerted me to the fact that the dallas cowboys will go down in history as the only team to lose a game by having a punt blocked and returned for a touchdown. So, from now on, amongst all the history, records, and hall of famer's that are part of the silver and blue family....we will also be pinned with that record. great!! something else as ridiculous as Jessica Simpson that we can't get rid of!!